Tan-Jam: A blend, a preserve, a deep thought or two…

Sonja (my mom) Unsung…Until Now!

Though my mom almost never wears makeup or even lipstick, I think she’s one of the classiest women I’ve ever known. Class doesn’t necessarily come with cosmetics, money, fancy clothes or other adornments. It also comes with what you do with what you’ve got for the greater good, and especially for your children.

This Flag is Your Flag, This Flag is My Flag

The American flag belongs to all of us! Not one “side” or faction. No one gets to own the flag or make it symbol for their “side.” No one should despise the flag because they are unhappy or even disillusioned with the way the things are going. Rally, mobilize, and go vote, but please don’t give up the flag!

How to Cope after Yet Another Mass-Shooting in America?

This last shooting in Oklahoma, on the heels of the last two, really flattened me last night. Watching President Biden’s speech “Enough!” He described in great detail, horrible scenes he and his wife have witnessed and learned of in just the past three weeks. They all should haunt us and motivate every single person to … Continue reading How to Cope after Yet Another Mass-Shooting in America?


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Hi, I’m Tanja. (Think of the short “a” in “suntan-Tan-ya” not “Tahn-ya -lasagna,” if you please.) I’m on a lifetime faith journey, grateful to overcome many toils and snares. A lot of my essays reflect this, though some are just my take on things. Thanks for reading. Please comment, pro or con, if the mood strikes. Cheers!