Marital Advice in a Funeral Line

“I was going through a funeral reception line yesterday, paying respects to my great aunt’s family at the passing of my mom’s uncle. Married for 66 years, I praised Aunt M for modeling such a long and solid marriage with Uncle A. Very lucid and in her 80s—and always shooting from the hip—-she said to me, “Well, ya know, the first four years or so are all about the hot sex and that is all well and good, but you have to like the person you’re married to after those years.  Call it like or love, that’s how I felt about him.”

She later reminded me to treasure my man because he his a good one. “Never let another woman try to take him from you.”  I told her I knew I had a keeper and I would absolutely protect what I had.

What is the best relationship advice you ever received?

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