We were treated like royalty in the village of Rodero (near Como) where my father’s father side comes from. Buzzi, Valli, Broggi, Ossola. (See first photo) I showed an updated DVD of my American cousins to the Italians (using an Italian translator app!) to keep “the bridge” strong. (I brought one in 2005 at the city hall in Rodero of my great grandparents immigration to the US from the village). Now, before I forget their names, I will put together another one featuring what the Italian cousins are up to, for this side of the pond.

I loved the challenge of using my very limited but slightly improved Italian (thanks to Rosetta Stone!) to connect with mostly Italian speaking folks. The next time I go back I want to be much more fluent!

Sean and I had a very romantic time in Venice celebrating our 25th. We attached a padlock to one of the bridges (with other padlocks left by sweethearts) and threw the key into the canal. Then Sean played Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” on his I-phone and we danced on the bridge. Second photo.

A few months ago, Sean and I read American author’s John Berendt’s City of Falling Angels about Venice’s La Fenice opera house fire in 1996. We were fascinated with the behind the scenes politics and culture of Venice during the time of the rebuilding. We were also introduced to Murano glass maestro Archimede Seguso. He lived near La Fenice and witnessed the fire. The last few years of his life he crafted vases and other works of art inspired by terrific blaze. His pieces are very valuable and a bit out of reach for us, ($$$). Our cousin Carlo has a vase (fourth photo) I am guessing is worth about $500. I got to touch it. Sean and scouted around Venice and Murano and purchased an Archimedes Seguso Christmas tree in one of the Venetian antique shops, that was more in our range.
So much more to sort through and journal/blog. So blessed we took this trip!

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